New Chapter

New Chapter

As the song ‘Listen’ by Beyonce goes, ‘the time has come for my dreams to be heard’, I am finally off to fulfill my dream to travel the world. Well, not technically the world but I’m pretty sure I’ll get there someday.

*Law of Attraction*

A few months ago, I decided put on hold my Master’s degree and about a month ago, I quit my corporate job. For everyone’s knowledge, this was my first job right off from college and had worked for the company for two and a half years. Our company may be small but we run side by side with the big dogs. The people who I have worked with became my second family, my confidant and my best of friends.  

They might not see it, but I am heartbroken to leave these great people behind. But I have a dream to catch on and It is already due that I am finally taking the risk of the unknown. I have decided to follow my dream to travel for a while, visiting different parts of the Philippines.

I guess you can say it wasn’t a terrific idea cause I wasn’t even earning that well and I’m depleting all of my savings just so I can travel, short term. Most of my family and friends don’t exactly agree in my decision. It’s a raw feeling that only those who experienced this kind of euphoria when travelling can truly understand my situation.

Now, I am jobless, (almost) broke, fatter and darker but I am happier. I am so much happier than I’ve ever been. I’m sure I will figure something out for a living, but I can’t be bothered right now as I am in my happy place.

Love, J.


Jane is a brave soul looking for (mis)adventures, which are out of her comfort zone. She writes about the highs and lows and everything-in-between moments of her life while trying to learn how to adult. She wants to learn French and be independent, at the same time. Other hobbies include but not limited to: shower concerts, dancing in the kitchen, playing dead in a film and being a busy potato. Follow her as she achieves her dreams @momentswithjane

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