Just relax and enjoy the view

Just relax and enjoy the view

I’m back!! About 2 weeks ago, I had my midterms week. My body was already drained from work and school, and I wanted to relax on a beach even for just a day. At 1AM, I was heading to bantayan island. It’s about 4-hour bus ride and 1.5-hour ferry ride but it was all worth it as it is a perfect spot to relax, especially┬áduring the non-peak season.

Bantayan Island
Sit back and relax

I will be posting a bunch of articles soon, including my semi-planned trip to Bantayan Island. Spoiler alert: I don’t have enough pictures to give justice on how beautiful this island is.

Hope you had an awesome weekend and cheers to more unplanned and semi-planned trips in the future!


Love, J.


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