First Day of French Class
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First Day of French Class

I knew what I was getting into but dang, I wasn’t at all prepared. 

Universite Bordeaux Montaigne

I came to my class with a huge question mark on my face. Everyone is speaking in French, most especially the teachers which should make sense cause I am studying French. But I couldn’t get rid my confused face. Throughout the day, I was confused mostly. Thankfully, my classmates are very helpful, even though we got in trouble for coaching in English. Most of the class, speak more French than I am. 

When I think about it now, it’s a great idea. It pushes me to speak French confidently and learn a whole new phrases in such a short time. I just need to convince myself that I can do this and will get through this. Find ways to make my head less hurt from all the new information that I’m learning, my mind needs to get used to translating everything quickly. 

Universite Bordeaux Montaigne

After class, I went to the bank to open an account. It’s my third time to visit the bank and I still have a problem. Ugh. They need my documents to be officially translated. I went home and search online for the nearest sworn translator and found a few. Now, I’m just waiting to hear for any response. Hopefully, soon. I really need this bank account for other school requirements. 

With all the these things happening, I at least got a great news. A company called me for a pre-interview for a babysitting job and have a Skype interview scheduled tomorrow with the employer. Yaaaay! Hoping everything goes well! Wish me luck!

Love, J

Jane is a brave soul looking for (mis)adventures, which are out of her comfort zone. She writes about the highs and lows and everything-in-between moments of her life while trying to learn how to adult. She wants to learn French and be independent, at the same time. Other hobbies include but not limited to: shower concerts, dancing in the kitchen, playing dead in a film and being a busy potato. Follow her as she achieves her dreams @momentswithjane

8 thoughts on “First Day of French Class

  1. So that’s how they teach French by speaking in French! I actually took basic French class in Berlitz years ago (I wasn’t able to move on to the next levels though because my 3 classmates didn’t go on and the class only exists when there are students who would take it). But I still remember our tutor, she only spoke to us in French. At first we were stumped, I mean, how could we learn if she wouldn’t speak to us in English. But it worked! I actually learned French through this method.

    I am so envious of you girl. You are practically living one of my lifelong dreams. I have always wanted to go to France (or any other French-speaking country for that matter) because I really want to master French. And now you’re there! Wow! I hope I could do that too in the near future.

    Good luck on the babysitting gig by the way.

    1. Thanks Marge! It’s been more than a month in french class and i’m still adjusting but i’m getting there 🙂 PS. I got the babysitting job!

  2. Glad you got your job. Good luck with the bureaucracy there – I remember having considerable trouble with it (also banks and money) when I lived in France in 2002. BUT it is worth it and will only help with your French! Enjoy the French experience!

    1. It really is! It took me awhile to figure everything out. Haha I will be talking about it on my next post when I get the time 😀 Thanks!

  3. You got to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 🙂 that’s something I will envy so much. More power to you Jane!

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